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Been In An Accident? Follow These Steps


First and foremost, check if anyone is injured. If there are injuries, call 911 immediately. If at all possible, carefully move the vehicles off the road. Remember that it’s important to avoid saying who’s at fault.


After ensuring the cars and passengers are all safely off the road, start writing down these details for any vehicles
involved (which may need to be given to the police later):

• Driver’s name and contact info
• Driver’s licence number
• Vehicle’s licence plate
• Vehicle’s make and model
• Insurance detail for any vehicle from outside British Columbia


It’s important to talk to the witnesses and write down their names and contact information for both the insurance
agency and the police.


Besides vehicle and driver information, it’s important to write down any helpful details about the accident, including:

• Time
• Date
• Location
• Weather conditions
• Direction both vehicles were travelling
• Where both vehicles were in the road

If you have a camera on hand, it’s also helpful to take photos of the damage and of the crash site. If you don’t
have a camera, even drawing a diagram is helpful.

Call in the Dial-A-Claim number. In this situation, you must report your claim to ICBC or your insurance company.

ICBC Contact Information

Web: www.icbc.com

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