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Get Car Body Repairs in Kamloops, BC

Dan’s Kamloops Collision Centre offers high-quality car body repairs in Kamloops, BC. In addition to our body expertise, we can also handle whatever mechanical repair or maintenance needs you have. Our experienced technicians use precise diagnostic tools and procedures to pinpoint your problem and to make the needed repairs efficiently and quickly.

Also, we have a car detailing service that will bring out the finer highlights of your vehicle, further improving its appearance and increasing its monetary value. We offer free estimates on all our services. Contact us today for more details.

Come in or call to see our technicians for a variety of services, including:

Brake Service and Repairs
Air Conditioning Repairs
Tire Replacement and Repairs
Hunter Tire Mount and Balancing
Windshield Glass Replacement
Pro Spot Resistance Spot Welder
Pro Spot Aluminum Welder

Repairs and Rentals

For mechanical breakdowns and vehicle collisions, Dan’s Kamloops Collision Centre in Kamloops offers total repair and bodywork services. As a shop accredited by ICBC, we accept your insurance claim as payment, and you can always depend upon our accurate estimates and dependable workmanship. While your vehicle is in the shop, if you need a substitute, Dan’s Kamloops Collision Centre has one of the best selections of rentals in the area.

Repairs and Rentals

Keep Your Vehicle Moving

We are well-equipped for prompt car accident repairs.

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